List of Work | 作品一覽

Scope of the composition by Yuan-Chen Li
Yuan-Chen Li’s compositions are for orchestra (Western and Chinese), concerto, chamber ensemble, duet, as well as solo, featuring virtuosic musicians or Chinese instruments. Portion of the compositions are site-sensitive, or choreographed specific.  The majority of the compositions are edited with great care and quality with Li’s editor-conductor collaborator Cliff Colnot, and are digitally cataloged by Alexander Street Press. The list of work and performance history is available by downloading the Complete List of Yuan-Chen Li’s Composition.

How to preview the music?
1. Scroll down this web page and click links to learn more about the individual work.
2. Digital preview of score at Li’s issuu site.
3. Digital preview and download at the online/database distributor publishing company Alexander Street Press – Classical Scores Library Series – volume II, if the access is granted.  Some scores are undergoing revision for the editorial purpose and may be available in the future.

How to acquire the score?
Except for a small amount of the score available at the SheetMusicPlus, most of Li’s scores are self-published, and handled directly by the composer and are delivered electronically. Acquiring score can be made by contacting the composer at the contact page or email for your inquiry of the score at no charge. Please also consider to support Yuan’s music with a small amount of donation. Thank you!

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Scores edited by Cliff Colnot.
¶ Scores currently unavailable or editing in progress.




Iluwan | 咿嚕唵 (2016) ca.8′, for orchestra
2(1,2/al).2(1,Eng).2(1,2/bs).2(1,2/Contra). – – hp. 2 perc.Timp – strgs.

On Aldebaran | 畢宿五 (2014) ca.8′, for orchestra – – hp. 2 perc. pno. – strgs. Score previewPublicity Press (2015).

Intermezzo: SHANG |  間奏曲:商 (2011) ca. 18′, For Symphonic Orchestra
2(1,2/pic).2.2(1,2/bcl).2(1,2/cb). – 2.2.2. – T.2P. – hp. – strgs. Full description.

Like A Dream, An Illusion | 如夢如幻 (2007) 12’30”, For Orchestra¶
3(1,2,3/pic).3.3.3. – – 4P – hp.cel.orgl. – strgs (65443 by stands), balcony: fl.hp.vln. Discography.

Awakening | 春日醉起言志 (2003) 14’30”, For Orchestra¶
4(1,2,3,pic).3(1,2,eh.).3(1,2,bcl).3(1,2,cb). – – 4P. – 2hp. – strgs (87554 by stands). Press (2003)Press (2009).



Wandering Viewpoint | 漂 點 (2015) ca.15′, for solo cello and two chamber ensembles
2 flutes (fl/pic, fl/al), 2 clarinets (cl, cl/bs cl), 2 vln, 2 vla, 2 vc, 1 pno, 1 perc.(mostly mallet percussion), and solo vc. Press review and full description.

Hovering in the Air  | 飛天 (2011) 15′, Concerto for guzheng and 28 strings.
guzheng and string orchestra of 28 players (44321 by stands) Score previewProgram note.




Rain Noir Noir | 雨黑黑 (2017) 15’30”, for flute, cello, and harp. Score Coming Soon!

Fauna Republic | 神獸共和國 (2013) 7’30”, for mixed ensemble
flute/piccolo, clarinet and bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, french horn, and four percussionists. Preview score. Audio.

Aldebaran | 畢宿五 (2013) 6’30”, for sextet eighth blackbird
flute/piccolo, Bb clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion† Press review. Audio.  

Ice Crackle Glaze | 晶冰裂 (2011) 8′, for mixed ensemble
fl, vln, hp, vib, and pno. Preview scoreProgram note.

Motion 2010 花火 (2010) 11’30”, for string quartet

Butterfly | 蝴蝶 (2007, 2012 ed.) 8′, for piano quintet
fl, ob, cl, bsn, and pno. Preview score.

Adagio for Promenade | 漫板 (2005) 10’30”, For mixed ensemble with spatialization
fl, hp, organ, and vln.

Intermezzo: Tsan | 間奏曲:參 (2005) 13′, For mixed ensemble¶
fl, ob, cl, vib, hp, pf, cel, vn, vla, kb and guqin (Chinese 7-string zither). Review.

Nicknamed Romanza | 別名浪漫 (2001, 2012 ed.) 15’ca., Theme and variations for string quartet† Buy. 

Zang (aka, The Funeral) |  (2000, 2012 ed.) 17′, For mixed ensemble
ob, pipa, perc, and cb. Preview score.



Harmony | 合歌 (2014) 3’30”
pipe organ and violin. Music for wedding. Order the score.

Obsidian | 黑曜石 (2012) 8′, for cello and piano duet

Cats’ Romp | 貓兒嬉 (2008) 9’30”
guzheng and piano, choreographed specific. Preview the score.

Reminiscence | 離歌 (2006; 2012 ed.) 10’30”
double bass and piano† Preview the scorePerformance, Order the score.

The Morning Bell and the Evening Drum | 晨鐘暮鼓 (2006) 17′
percussion duet, choreographed specific.



In Response To | 回 (2017) 4′, a fugue with fragments of Taiwanese folksong as the counter subject, in response to Chopin’s E minor Prelude, for piano solo.

Shadows of Lonely Phoenix | 舞影孤鸞 (2016) 10′, music and movement for solo clarinetist. Watch.

Tian Jin Sha (aka. Shivering Winds, Serene Sky) | 天淨沙 (2014)  6′, for solo cellist accompanying his or her own voice, review and order recording.

Spell | (aka, Ling, 2009, ed. 2011) 6’30”, a) for solo saxophone†, b) clarinet, c) bass flute, full description, and buy.

Migoh | 米歌 (2007) 4’30”, for solo piano, order recording

Cat’s Romp | 貓嬉 (2003) 6′, for solo guzheng, score, order recording

Hy | 三點水 (2003) 10′, for solo piano, audioorder recording

The Source (Yuan) | 源 (2001) 8′, for solo viola, preview, listen, and buy.




Mist, Three Poems by Carl Sandburg | 三首桑德堡的詩 (2016) 10′, for mezzo soprano, and piano. Language: English.

Three Poeme by Rabindranath Tagore | 三首泰戈爾的詩 (2007) 12′, for soprano, flute, piano, and cello. Language: English.¶

Three Poems by Shyi Mu-Rong | 三首席慕蓉的詩 (2000) 10′, for soprano and piano. Language: Chinese (Mandarin).



Folksong – Homage to Formosa | 民歌 – 向福爾摩沙致敬 (2010), 30′, for mezzo and mixed ensemble
fl, cl, 2p, hp, mezzo, vla, and vc. (same instrumentation as Berio’s Folk Songs)¶

Hakka Folksong Cycle | 客家舊歌新聲集 (2006), c.42′, for folk singer and Chinese orchestra.¶

Les Miserables (1998) 16′ ca., for female chorus and chamber orchestra¶