The concerto for solo cello and two ensembles “Wandering Viewpoint” was premiered at U of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts on April 23rd, 2015.  Featuring the cellist Nicholas Photinos, supported by resident ensembles Pacifica String Quartet, the eighth blackbird, and guest musicians Deidre Huckbabay (flute), Susan Warner (clarinet), and Joshua Zajac (cello), the premiere […]

Thank Timothy McAllister for introducing my “Spell” for solo saxophone to more audience and professionals since last year, we are going to hear “Spell” resounding in The North American Saxophone Alliance Region 5 Conference in North Illinois University. This time, Jessica Maxfield‘s solitary voice in her saxophone can go very wild. Please come to see her play (by […]

I had a conversation on the title of my new composition “Wandering Viewpoint” in comparison to the word “Wonder” with Linda, a MLA alumni from Graham School that we met after the talk by Professor David Wray at Graham School’s MLA information session.  Her specialty as a translator (spanish & english) and her well-articulate manner […]