Thank you friends and supporters. I am so happy to announce that “Spell” (aka. Ling, 凌), for solo alto saxophone, composed for Chun-Hao Ku in 2009, is included in the saxophone repertoire “Londeix Guide To The Saxophone Repertoire, 1844-2012” edited by Jean-Marie Londeix (2012, Bordeaux, France).  Feeling really proud with you, our efforts of putting […]

The concerto for solo cello and two ensembles “Wandering Viewpoint” was premiered at U of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts on April 23rd, 2015.  Featuring the cellist Nicholas Photinos, supported by resident ensembles Pacifica String Quartet, the eighth blackbird, and guest musicians Deidre Huckbabay (flute), Susan Warner (clarinet), and Joshua Zajac (cello), the premiere […]