Music | 音樂


Wandering Viewpoint | 漂點 (2015)
Concerto for solo cello and two ensembles. Recording of the live concert at Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, U of Chicago, conducted by Cliff Colnot, solo cellist Nicholas Photinos, with ensemble eighth blackbird, Pacifica Quartet, and guest musicians. April 23, 2015.


On Aldebaran | 之於畢宿五 (2014)
Recording of the reading at U of Chicago campus, conducted by Cliff Colnot, June 2nd, 2014.


Fauna Republic | 神獸共和國 (2013)
Recording from the premiere: The DePaul University Wind Ensemble. Chicago Illinois May 23, 2013, conducted by Cliff Colnot.  Instrumentation: mixed ensemble of woodwind quintet and percussion quartet (Flute / Piccolo, Oboe, Bb Clarinet / Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn in F; mixed percussion)


Ice Crackle Glaze | 晶冰裂 (2011)
Dedicated to composer Augusta Read Thomas. Recording from the live performance: Emma Gerstein, flute; Austin Wulliman, violin; Brandon Podjasek, vibraphone; Lillian Lau, harp; Daniel Schlosberg, piano; Barbara Schubert, conductor, November 10th 2012, Chicago Illinois.  Link to the program note.


Hovering in the Air | 飛天 (2011)
Concerto for Guzheng and String Orchestra.  Paul Ching-Po CHIANG (江靖波)  conductor, Jiuan-Reng YEH (葉娟礽) the soloist, Moment Musicaux Philharmonia Orhcestra – Youth orchestra (樂興之時樂青).  Premiere recording on September 27th 2011, Soochow University Arts Center, Taipei, Taiwan. Program Note


Spell | 凌 (2009)
for solo alto saxophone written for  Chun-Hao KU (顧鈞豪). Studio recording.


Intermezzo: Tsan | 間奏曲:參 (2006)
for guqin (7-string Chinese zither 古琴) and 10 Western instruments. October 26th 2007, National Recital Hall, Taipei Taiwan. “Listening to the twenty-first century – works by emerging Taiwanese composers”, Tzy-Sheng LEE (李子聲), artistic director. Philharmonia Moments Musicaux Camelot Players; Paul Chin-Po CHIANG (江靖波), conductor.


Hy | 三點水 (2003)
for piano solo, dedicated to Chien-Ying YANG (楊千瑩). Piano by Chien-Ying YANG.


Zang (The Funeral) | 葬 (2000)
for pipa, oboe, percussion, and bass.


Webpage work-in-progress, to be uploaded more. Please click HERE for some earlier compositions.


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