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Yuan-Chen Li’s compositions for solo, chamber, and orchestra have been included in annual collection – Taiwan Composers’ Series consecutively in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Taiwan Composers Association / Asian Composers League – Taiwan, as well as commercially released by label records.  


Spell (aka, Ling)| 凌 (2009)
For Solo Alto Saxophone
Performer: Chun-Hao Ku

1517498_10153679254055084_1845709742_nThe inspiration of Spell is by one of the Taiwan Taoist rituals – Chi Ji (起乩): it refers to a ritualistic process conducted by the Taoist priest who transforms himself from an ordinary person to the one full of the spirit of divinity, and then delivers messages to the prayers. Spell is included in the saxophone repertoire “Londeix Guide To The Saxophone Repertoire, 1844-2012” edited by Jean-Marie Londeix (2012, Bordeaux, France). In 2016, Spell is added to the repertory for the First Asian Saxophone Congress.


Like A Dream, An Illusion | 如夢如幻 (2007)
For Orchestra
Performers: Yale Philharmonic Orchestra, Julian Pellicano / conductor

Taiwan Contemporary Composers Works VIThis gorgeous work reflects on Li’s thoughts about the life and world through the Buddhist’ perspective. Composed particularly for the acoustic and site of the Yale University Woolsey Hall, Like A Dream, An Illusion was premiered with a full force of orchestra, 12,617 pipes organ, and three soloists on the balcony. And, it was like a dream.


Tian Jin Sha (aka. Shivering Winds, Serene Sky) | 天淨沙 (2014)
For solo cellist accompanying his or her own voice
Performer: Kate Dillingham / Cello

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The New York Public Radio Q2 writes:
One stand-out track on the album is Yuan-Chen Li’s Tiang Jing Sha (Shivering Winds, Serene Sky), in which Dillingham performs a virtuosic and colorful cello line as accompaniment to her own singing. Her airy and melodious voice achieves a ghostly, eerie effect that pairs beautifully with Li’s timbral shifts…[click here to read the full critique]

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Intermezzo: SHANG | 間奏曲:商 (2011)
For Orchestra
Performers: National Symphony Orchestra, Nicholas Milton / Conductor

voice of taiwan

Awarded to the “Best Art Music Album” Golden Melody Award of the year in Taiwan (2014), the premiere live recording of Li’s most advanturous work for orchestra  Intermezzo: SHANG is released and available overseas! Conducted by Nicholas Milton, performed by National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan).  

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Hy-, and Migoh | 三點水, 米歌 (2003), (2007)
For Solo Piano
Performer: Chih-Long Hu (胡志龍) / Piano

Chig-Long Hu’s Formosa Caprices includes piano character pieces by five Taiwanese composers, including himself.  Li’s early work Hy- is a four-movement work with the theme around water.  In 2007, she responded to Hu’s call for this album and composed Migoh based on a singing practice in the chorus “pasibutbut” (小米豐收歌) by the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes Bunon (布農族)。
This album was nominated “Best Crossover Album” and Hu as “Best Performer” for the 2009 Golden Melody Award.

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Cat’s Romp | 貓嬉 (2003) 
For Solo Guzheng 
Performer: Wen-Ting Hsu (許雯婷) / Guzheng

032b25e5258f25b025e7258125a325e7258f25be25e425bb25a325e9259f25b325e625a8258225e425b825892b25e6258e258325e625ad25a3Commissioned by Yi-Chieh Lai, Cat’s Romp was written for Guzheng (21 strings) of special tuning.  The music is characterized by hectic gestures and impromptu-like narrative.  Cat’s Romp was also later included in Guzheng contemporary repertory, shared by Taiwanese and Chinese music circle.

This album was awarded the Golden Melody Ward “Best Producer” to Bor-Nien Hsu in 2007.

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