Yuan will be teaching at Reed College!

It couldn’t be more than a norm that someone would start applying for the academic position once a Ph.D. degree is granted.  But when I was offered the one-year visiting professor position from Reed College in Portland Oregon, I knew, it is very meaningful and special at many levels.


I will be teaching music theory and analysis, composition, leading a seminar, and conducting the school orchestra.  Reed College is very kind to let me create a seminar of my own.  For this matter, I plan to structure a seminar on listening to music through otherness that the center topic will be around the East and West. I also plan to grow the school orchestra into a collective to practice critical thinking, improvisation, experiment, and to realize students’ fantasy through music.

The composition projects during the 2016-2017 season will enable me to write for unconventional combinations of instrumentation and challenging topics. They are (1) Chai-Found Workshop, “Sis Lin Ain’t Sinned”, theater instruments and voice, for mixed ensemble for Chinese and Western instruments, 35 min. (2) Yi-Wen Chen, new work for clarinet and sound design, 8 min. (3) Chun-Hao Ku, new work for saxophone trio, 7 min. During the second half of the year 2016, I also hope to initiate a research project on Taiwanese female composers in the United States.  I am so excited about these projects and teaching, looking forward to meeting many new faces at Reed College, and continuing to grow my academic and professional career during the time in the west coast!

For programming consideration, future collaboration, and academic development, feel free to refer to my most recent resume and the list of music composition, and follow my blog. The new concert season 2016-2017 is planning in progress. I will keep you posted soon!


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