Yuan’s “Spell” for alto sax is now officially included along with other works over 168 years!

ronkin_sax_rep_cover-detailThank you friends and supporters. I am so happy to announce that “Spell” (aka. Ling, 凌), for solo alto saxophone, composed for Chun-Hao Ku in 2009, is included in the saxophone repertoire “Londeix Guide To The Saxophone Repertoire, 1844-2012” edited by Jean-Marie Londeix (2012, Bordeaux, France).  Feeling really proud with you, our efforts of putting discovery and challenge to notes and performances are recognized. Be the vanguard, and carry on!

The inspiration of Spell is by one of the Taiwan Taoist rituals – Chi Ji (起乩): it refers to a ritualistic process conducted by the Taoist priest who transforms himself from an ordinary person to the one full of the spirit of divinity, and then delivers messages to the prayers. The form of this piece is shaped by two voices moving simultaneously, one the chant of the priest and another the spell transcended from the spirit, depicting the dual identities of the priest. Each voice focuses on distinct articulations and techniques developing in the flow of time.

Click to listen to the studio recording by Chun-Hao KU, preview the score. You can also purchase it at Sheet Music Plus.

Feel free to e-mail to <composerycli@gmail.com> for any inquiry regarding the music.


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