Arriving at the Milestone – Ph.D. from U of Chicago!


It is a great time of the year as well as in my life – I am so happy that we are arriving at a special page of this blog: a milestone of my career and academic life have been met, Yuan is receiving the Ph.D. from U of Chicago this June.  This academic recognition can not come to me without your years of support.  Please accept my sincere gratitude.

—> A quick glance over Yuan’s studies and works in the past years – scroll down this blog to see what we have been doing, and check out Yuan’s C.V. on LinkedIn!

Six years at U of Chicago has proven to be one of the best period of times I could have ever spent on one institution as a Ph.D. student.  In six years, I have been not only able to prepare an amazing catalog of my composition, but also to be able to grasp the technique of critical thinking and the sense of the liberal arts education.  Even while I was focus at my dissertation and paper, and private life at Chicago, the support from Taiwan has been always strong. Connection made in the U.S. also has brought surprise whenever we try.

—> Yuan’s list of work (previewed immediately) LI_List of Works_2015

I wish to use this page to share my thoughts in music or in words which have been so occupied in my mind for years.  As a composer, I care about what I learn from the world and how the music I create sounds to you, and I also care about how we learn from each other.  This is why we are reading this page at this blog because of the dialogs we have made either distantly or collectively.  It has been a load of thoughts constantly about love, wellness, perception, music, art, culture, religion, society, identity, politics, and nationalism that thoughts are finalized in words, and expressed in sound (oh, I also love animals!).  I am very fortunate to be able to accomplish the goal with tremendous support from teachers, friends, and families in the U.S. and Taiwan.  The requirement for my Ph.D. is composed of two parts.  The first part is the creative component that I have developed since 2012.  For this, I wrote a 14-minute chamber concerto “Wandering Viewpoint” and it was subsequently premiered in April 2015 (link to the post to read the review). The second component is an academic paper “The Difficult Voice in Vocal Composition” which addresses a subject that all the generations and musical community are effected and should be concerned – the memory, the music, the aesthetic response about the collective trauma.  I sincerely invite you to be my reader and audience, and let me know how am I doing.  Abstracts and program notes are all imbedded with the files once you are directed to the page by clicking the link listed below:

[1] Wandering Viewpoint, a concerto for solo cello and two ensembles

1. Audio (online streaming):

2. Score (link to issuu online publishing):

[2] The Difficult Voice in Vocal Composition – Composers’ aesthetic responses to secondhand Holocaust experiences (link to page): 

What is the next? I have picked up books like “The Monk and the Philosopher,” reading sincerely about the younger generation’s painful triggers in this post-traumatic culture, and thought about the next project. Stay Connected! I will keep you posted.

—> Link to the contact page with a list of Yuan’s email address and comment form.  We will surely find each other via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and in person!!


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