Wandering Viewpoint – a work of the pride

The concerto for solo cello and two ensembles “Wandering Viewpoint” was premiered at U of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts on April 23rd, 2015.  Featuring the cellist Nicholas Photinos, supported by resident ensembles Pacifica String Quartet, the eighth blackbird, and guest musicians Deidre Huckbabay (flute), Susan Warner (clarinet), and Joshua Zajac (cello), the premiere of the evening was successfully led by the conductor Cliff Colnot.  Having been working with some of these artists in the past years, I find this premiere of my latest work, in particular, as one of many meaningful experiences to me that this ensemble of people shows different strengths of the musicianships.  And as the result, it leads to a gratifying performance to the audience.  The critic Tim Sawyier writes:

…, the work was an effective concertante showcase for Photinos. Li’s compositional voice is original and somewhat difficult to describe; texturally the work possesses an Impressionist  surface but its spirit was richly imbued with distinctly 21st-century dissonance, aggression, and volatility. … 

I particularly want to thank Cliff Colnot and Nicholas Photinos for their valuable advices and feedback at different stages of the compositional process, who perfect the realization and enrich the interpretation of this new work. Artistic directors Shulamit Ran and Marta Ptaszynska were also the supporting voice during the production.  I feel very honored that my Wandering Viewpoint is programmed in the Contempo concert series at its 50 anniversary.  It means a lot to be part of it, supported, and allowed the musical idea to share.  Thank you!

The entire review can be found at Chicago Classical Review at http://chicagoclassicalreview.com/2015/04/uc-composers-shine-in-rewarding-contempo-program/ 

Listen online: https://yuanchenli.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=84972

Preview the Score (link to issuu online publishing): https://issuu.com/composerycli/docs/2015_liyc_wandering_viewpoint

Li noted



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