Crossing across the sky: Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Kate Dillingham

Yuan’s music is recently being released, aired, and played. Stay tuned!

First of all, Kate Dillingham’s beautiful cello playing of “Tian Jin Sha”Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.48.35 PM (Shivering Winds, Serene Sky) blending her voice is so unforgettable.  I remember when I first heard her playing and singing, also her laughing, and charismatic smile when we collaborate.  Most important of all, she is a doer.  The credit of the new album “Crossing” goes to her passion and dedication to the new music.  The New York Public Radio Q2 writes:

One stand-out track on the album is Yuan-Chen Li’s Tiang Jing Sha (Shivering Winds, Serene Sky), in which Dillingham performs a virtuosic and colorful cello line as accompaniment to her own singing. Her airy and melodious voice achieves a ghostly, eerie effect that pairs beautifully with Li’s timbral shifts. 

Full critique and sound streaming can be found here, CD available at Amazon, more about the cellist Kate Dillingham.

Second, many thanks to my friend colleague Andrew McManus. Last year, he
mentioned Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.49.27 PMabout the EarShot program by American Composers’ Forum, said, “it is the best orchestra”.  I nodded my head, submitted my work.  The feedback is a heartfelt surprise. My orchestral work “On Aldebaran” is going to be read by Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on February 11th.  See the press released here.  Being one of the four composers, I feel so lucky, looking forward to meeting these composers, BPO associate conductor, Stefan Sanders, mentor composers Robert Beaser of The Juilliard School, Rob Deemer from SUNY Fredonia and Pulitzer Prize winner Melinda Wagner at the event.  Come to hear us at Buffalo!

Page to the concert schedule.


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