New Season to be announced

what’s up ?

Over the summer of 2013, I have had a calming period of time for writing.  Approaching to the fifth year at my Ph.D. program at University of Chicago, the academia experience has gradually showing how rewarded it has meant to me in my life as a composer.  Writing about the subject gives me a different kind of joy and helps me think.  Through various project, I notice that my interest has consistently focuses at ‘vocal composition,’ although as a composer I rarely compose for voice but mostly for instrument.  With the “voice” in mind, I approach to sound “phonetically,” especially bringing my impression and influence from the vocal technique in Chinese/Taiwan Nanquan music (南管).  This was a central idea in my master thesis “Intermezzo-Tsan” (間奏曲:參, 2006) and I had a great time rethinking about this work when I wrote a sister work ‘Intermezzo-SHANG’ (間奏曲:商) for orchestra finished two years ago.  At U of Chicago, I haven’t written for voice, but interestingly my papers are all about vocal composition! 

In recent weeks, I will update my blog.  The concert dates – if you were ever wonder (me too) – are  to be uploaded.  Upon some friendly expectations, I will also make the recording of my music available for download and purchase.  Also, you are very welcome to contact me if you consider to program new work, solo, chamber, or orchestra.   Check out the list of work ! Click here List of Works

Till next post, keep going, my friends.

Keep Walking


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