The last premiere of my work in this season: “Fauna Republic” on May 23rd Thu 8:00 pm at DePaul

Time flies.  I can’t believe that in May we have already premiered two works, one cello and piano duet “Obsidian”, and one chamber “Aldebaran” for eighth blackbird.  Last Friday, I also helped CONTEMPO, the new music collective program, to stage manage for the last concert of the season: chamber works by Francisco Castillo Trigueros  and Andrew Jasinski, and a mini opera “strip-tease” by Dylan Schneider.  Being a composer as well as a stage manager have helped me learn a great deal of programming and the production.  My best moment is to know that composers’ imagination is not only realized by the musicians, but also being put into the context which makes sense to the audience.

NOW – you are sincerely invited to my show!

I would like to let you know that the last premiere of my work in this season will be coming soon this Thursday.  “Fauna Republic” is composed for DePaul wind ensemble, consisted of a wood wind quintet and a percussion quartet (total 9 musicians), and conducted by Cliff Colnot.  If month ago you were in PIANO FORTE, you may actually heard the original model of this work – now being turned over into a fully orchestrated ensemble and full of new characters.  This is the piece I finished pretty much around the same time as I complete “Aldebaran” for eighth blackbird.  The texture and form are however very different though – more likely, i would say, it is quite an elaboration of what I have been doing in Cliff’s orchestration class at U of Chicago years ago where a pitch is enriched, gestured, and texturalized – how? Come to our show !

webpage to the event

DePaul Wind Ensemble

Thursday, May 23, 2013
8:00pm, DePaul Concert Hall, 800 W. Belden Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

Cliff Colnot, conductor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Octet in F Major KV App. C 17.05 and B to 370a
Ludwig van Beethoven: Marches and Dances
I.March in F major, WoO 18 (“Yorck’scher Marsch”)
II.March in F major WoO 19
III.March in C major WoO 20 (“Zapfenstreich”)
IV.Ecossaise WoO 22
V.Polonaise WoO 21
Yuan-Chen Li: Fauna Republic [World Premier]

free admission


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