Exciting second half of the year of 2012

The second half of the year 2012 is full of workshops and concerts.  I will be attending two workshops taken place in New York and Bangkok in the summer and one performance of my large scale work “Hovering in the Air”concerto for guzheng and string orchestra in Israel, Tel Aviv in October. For friends around the world, please stay tuned,  more details to come!

Thailand International Composition Festival (7/9 – 7/14, 2012, Bangkok, Thailand)
I will be attending the conference, workshop, concert, and masterclass with Zhou Long, Eric Moe, Narong Prangcharoen, and Xiaogang Ye during the festival. The work chosen to be rehearsed and read is my latest chamber work “Ice Crackle Glaze” (晶冰裂).  For more details about the spectacular artists and program, please visit the website at http://www.ticf.co/

IMANI Winds Chamber Music Festival (7/29 – 8/7, 2012, New York, U.S.A.)
This is one of the most promising wind ensemble in the United States, virtuosic and passionate in new music for the wind. I am looking forward to studying wind repertory and advancing my writing for wind ensemble.  Come see us in New York ! More details at http://www.imaniwindsfestival.com/

Asian Composers’ League, 30th ACL Festival & Conference (10/14 – 10/20, 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel)
Let’s move to Middle East – Israel ! This year, Israel is the host to held the conference and festival of Asian Composers’ League.  Many thanks to the recommendation of Taiwanese committee, my concerto for guzheng and string orchestra “Hovering in the Air” (飛天) will be performed by Beer-Sheva Sinfonietta, conducted by Doron Solomon, and Jiuan-Reng Yeh (葉娟礽), soloist.  More details about this festival please visit the website http://www.israelcomposers.org/About.aspx?lang=English&submenu=4

Little about the performance history of “Hovering in the Air.” Originally  commissioned by conductor Paul Ching Po Chiang of the Philharmonia Moments Musicaux, it received its premiere on September 27th, 2011, at Soochow University in Taiwan, with Yeh Jiuan-Reng on the guzheng. US premiere on November 17th 2011, Ball State University, Sursa Hall, Muncie, IN. Ball State Symphony Orchestra; Bohuslav Rattay, conductor; Yu-Chen WANG, soloist.

Specials thanks go to the PMM and the PMM Camelot Players for their close cooperation since 2008; to Cliff Colnot, conductor of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, for his kind help with the orchestration; and to the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan for their generous support.

I am looking forward to those music making events with wonderful musicians and composers.  Please keep in touch, more to share with you !!


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