Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2016 summer, my desire to engage in the music scene finally comes true just lately.  When I was in Ghent, New York during the OMI artist residency in 2017 summer, I was introduced to Stephen Cohen. Two of us are from Portland and other ten some fellows are of […]

It couldn’t be more than a norm that someone would start applying for the academic position once a Ph.D. degree is granted.  But when I was offered the one-year visiting professor position from Reed College in Portland Oregon, I knew, it is very meaningful and special at many levels. I will be teaching music theory and analysis, […]

My new season 2015-2016 started with drafting a script of a play for a musical theater. When creativity engages with research on the psychic dynamic of the characters, historical context, style of the literature, and thoughts on many other modalities of a production, it feels quite like a more vibrant experience. A human character comes […]